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Natural Pet Vitality Helps Your Animals Without Surgery or Harmful Side Effects!

Splash of Water

Discover how Ruti saved time, money & stress with our all-in-one, organic animal feed supplement.

This is Ruti’s story!

Ruti says…

“So grateful to be introduced to Natural Pet Vitality Powder.  I applied some directly to my horse's wound which sealed it beautifully!”




What can Natural Pet Vitality help with?

Accelerated Wound Healing and Restoration

Soothing Relief for Skin Ailments and Irritations 

Enhanced Mobility and Joint Health 

Bid Farewell to Excessive Hair Loss and Shedding

Resolution of Digestive Troubles

Promote Ear, Eye, and Anal Gland Wellness

Strengthened Immune and Nervous Systems

Immunity Against Bacterial, Viral and Fungal Threats 

Tackles Allergies, Fungal, Mould, and Yeast Infections 

Robust Parasite Elimination and Ongoing Protection 

Revitalised Hoof and Nail Strength


We are proud to present Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Mineral Formula, a revolutionary breakthrough in pet nutrition. 

With this cutting-edge formula, you can now provide all your animal friends with the essential nutrients they need for a long, happy, and healthy life without the risk of harmful side effects.


Our formula is safe and effective for ALL domesticated and farm animals, including reptiles, and birds! 


What sets Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Mineral Formula apart from the rest?

Natural Pet Vitality is a symphony of nature's finest ingredients, centred around the extraordinary power of fulvic minerals—derived from the Earth's ancient deposits, this natural compound has been revered for centuries for its remarkable health benefits. 


We've harmoniously blended these age-old minerals with gut health-enhancing ingredients, creating a potent elixir that not only delivers remarkable skin-soothing relief and accelerated repair but also stands as a safer & kinder alternative to worming. 


You can administer it internally through daily feed for peak results and also employ it externally to target specific skin concerns. 


Validated by extensive field trials and resounding endorsements from customers and veterinarians alike, to maintain clear faecal counts during its use. 

Here's why our customers love this product! 

1. Supercharge Nutrient Absorption: Our formula's fulvic minerals enhance the absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, maximising your pet's health and vitality.


2. Strengthen Immunity: Our unique blend boosts your pet's immune strength, and provides powerful antioxidants and trace elements keeping them healthier for longer."

3. Digestive Transformation: Added probiotics and digestive enzymes promote gut balance & harmony, enhancing nutrient uptake for ultimate pet well-being.

4. Enhanced Energy and Vitality: Natural Pet Vitality is designed to revive your pet’s youthful vigour by igniting their playful spirit with boosted energy

5. Gleaming Coat & Radiant Skin: Our versatile formula removes toxins and provides essential nutrients that support skin health by reducing itching and can help promote a lustrous coat and nourished skin. 


6. Renewed Mobility: Because our formula works at removing toxins, it helps to reduce inflammation & pain, and enhance joint and muscle function.

7. All-Natural, Kind & Safe:  Crafted using only premium-quality, all-natural, organic ingredients, free from artificial additives or harmful chemicals. 

8. Time, Money & Stress Reduction: Improves nutrient absorption, resulting in yearly feed savings of 25%, reduces pet care bills and plays a vital role in environmental conservation.

Girl with Horse
Splash of Water

What does Natural Pet Vitality contain?

● Fulvic mineral electrolytes
● Digestive enzymes
● Pro-biotics
● Trace mineral electrolytes
● Natural deworming agent

Prioritising safety and proven performance

Our commitment to your pet's well-being is unwavering. That's why our formula consists of a harmonious blend of natural and organic ingredients, ensuring a kinder & safer solution. 


We're proud to share that we've not received a single report of adverse side effects with our extraordinary, all-natural formula. Instead, we've received heartwarming feedback from delighted customers who've witnessed their beloved animals experience a resurgence of health and vitality.

Look how it’s helped these pet parents…

“His coat is now smooth and glossy, and his eyes are bright, he is a much healthier dog now.
He begs for his “Bolly” every morning after his bones, which is a bowl of oat milk containing a dose of Natural Fulvic Vitality and he loves it.”

Dan & Ninja

Ninja For Oxypet.jpg

“We give Kicia Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Mineral formula to keep her parasite-free and keep her gut healthy alongside her raw food, which her body is designed to assimilate as cats are obligate carnivores. Kicia is feeling much better since detoxing & going through dietary changes”

Simonne & Kicia


Join us in a safer, more sustainable approach to pet health today!

Natural Pet Vitality one of nature's most potent electrolytes.

Our special formula is manufactured to the highest quality standards. All Natural, No GMO.


1 x Natural Pet Vitality 300g Bucket 

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3 x Natural Pet Vitality 300g Buckets 

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6 x Natural Pet Vitality 300g Buckets 

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