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OxyPet oxygenated

spring water

OxyPet oxygenated spring water is sourced from a natural spring located in Cornwall, UK. The water is captured from the spring, which is protected deep in the hillside, and then piped to our state-of-the-art bottling facility situated on an ancient underground lake. Our spring is located on privately-owned farm land with no air pollution, no pesticides or fertilisers being used, ensuring the purity of our water.

Our facility follows strict cleaning and production processes, including filtering the water using UV light to eliminate any possible chance of bacteria. We also test monthly with expert microbiologists and go beyond standard regulations by testing chemicals found in all kinds of drinking waters. We are happy to say our water has none!

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In addition to maintaining the high quality of our water, we are committed to sustainability and recycle 100% of cardboard, waste glass, and rPET bottles and caps generated from production.


Through a proprietary nano technological process, our spring water is infused with more bio-available natural oxygen without using any chemical process. This advanced system create a oxygenated pure spring water that is perfect for our animal companions to enjoy. With a clean, smooth taste and a balance of nutrients and minerals with added oxygen, OxyPet oxygenated spring water is leading the way in this innovative field to provide advanced health and vitality for animals.

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