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Canine Angel’s World Class Training

What Your Dog is Begging For! Applies to Cats

Too! PDF Training Manual £27.99

This is probably the most valuable training every pet parent can take to ensure a long healthy and happy life for their best friends.

Nikki’s manual guides and inspires you through how to cleanse and detox your pet’s system, using our two powerful preventive and natural health products, OxyPet & Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Mineral formula.

The manual then takes you step by step in easy-to-follow instructions, how to prevent and solve pet health and behavioural issues through diet and nutrition. It guides you through the whole process on where to start and answers all your questions about feeding your animal it’s species appropriate diet, trouble shoots health and behavioural issues, how to make considerable savings on your yearly pet care bills and a whole lot more.


You can begin your training right now by watching our demonstration video on how to apply our two powerful Natural Earth products to your dog and cat’s daily diet.

If you require additional advice or training, then please contact Nikki Brown directly through her Canine Angel website, where she offers private and confidential consultations and training sessions.

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