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The Ultimate Pet Health Transformational Package 


Transform your pet's health in just 90 days with our world-class package! 

The Ultimate Pet Health Transformation Package is perfect for pet parents who want to prevent and solve pet health and behavioural problems naturally. 


By combining specialist training in pet diet and nutrition with OxyPet Oxygen Water & Natural Pet Vitality, you can ensure you are aiding your animal friend on their health and well-being journey.   

OxyPet uses a clinically proven patented technology. Natural Pet Vitality is FDA Approved, OMRI Certified and USDA Certified. Both products are 100% organic, vegan-friendly, and 100% natural.   

Dogs & Cats showing the following health and behavioural issues would hugely benefit from this transformational package:

Health Issues:

  • Digestive health problems

  • Weak immune system

  • Compromised nervous system

  • Ongoing allergies & intolerances

  • Hormones and glandular imbalances

  • Skeletal issues bones and joints

  • Blood and tissue issues

  • Vital organ issues

  • Brain and neurological imbalances

  • Skin, coat, eyes and ear infections

Behavioural Issues:

  • Constantly raiding the rubbish bin or scavenging food

  • Urinating or defecating in all the wrong places

  • Waking you up throughout the night

  • Suffering from bloat or excess gas

  • Destroying items around your home or garden

  • Constant whimpering, howling, barking or meowing.

  • Showing nervousness, aggression or obsession of any kind

  • Jumps up constantly or causes a nuisance to you or others

  • Endless trips to the vet or behaviourist

Sign up for this unique and special offer to receive the following:

1: Pet Diet & Nutrition Training 


The first email we will send you is Nikki Brown's world-class training manual, "What Your Dog is Begging For – Suitable for Cats Too!" 

This is the most valuable training every pet parent can invest in to ensure a long healthy, and happy life for their best friends. 


Nikki’s manual guides and inspires you to cleanse and detox your pet’s system using our powerful preventive and natural health products, OxyPet & Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Mineral formula. 


The manual then takes you step by step in easy-to-follow instructions on how to prevent and solve pet health and behavioural issues through diet and nutrition. It guides you through the whole process of where to start. It answers all your questions about feeding your animal a species-appropriate diet, troubleshooting health and behavioural issues, how to make considerable savings on your yearly pet care bills and much more.   


2: The Products


We want to provide you with everything your animal will need for the 90 days.


  • 6 x 12 Pack of 750ml OxyPet Oxygenated Spring Water 

  • 300g Natural Pet Vitality Powder

  • What Your Dog Is Begging For! Applies To Cats Also! Training Manual

  • Mowgli The Magical Underdog eBook (20-minute read)


We recommend you read the training manual while waiting for your products to be delivered.   


3: Money Savings

By purchasing our wellness pack, you will make significant savings.
The package also includes FREE Delivery. 


4: Charity Donation – The Feel-Good Factor 

For purchasing our package, we will donate one case of OxyPet Oxygen Water to our  

chosen animal rescue centre. So by helping your animal friend, you will also be directly helping another animal in need as well. 


5. Happy Customers 


“I had been searching for trustworthy information on pet feeding and came across the What Your Dog is Begging For! training manual. After a few weeks of following the program, Ninja’s hyperactive behaviour seemed to disappear. My friends have also noticed his behaviour has improved, and his coat looks healthy! Nikki knows her stuff, and I would trust her with any of my animals.” - Dan & Ninja!

What happens when you mix OxyPet with Natural Pet Vitality? 

Watch our demonstration video to see how to mix these two products and why your pets must receive them in their daily diet!

Combining OxyPet & Natural Pet Vitality can help to:

  • Improve health & vitality

  • Support immune system function 

  • Aids the complete digestive process

  • Remove toxicity from cells 

  • Support tissues and organs 

  • Regulate breathing & body temperature

  • Carries additional nutrients to cells

  • Digestion and absorption of nutrients from their diet

  • Waste is reduced and far less sticky and smelly

  • Replenishment of all 75 trace elements for healthy cell function

  • Improves strength and flexibility and blood flow circulation

  • More balanced energy and a new vital life force in senior animals

  • Calmer behaviour and less stressed

  • Natural pain relief

  • Healthy skin and shiny coat

  • Brighter eyes

  • Far less parasite infestations of fleas, ticks and worms

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