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About Us

“To make a positive difference in the world by reducing animal health issues with more oxygen.” - OxyPet Mission

OxyPet was founded by a team of four passionate animal advocates who were moved by the incredible tale of Mowgli, a Boxer dog who refused to give up despite being given just weeks to live.

Mowgli’s courage and determination inspired the co-founders to join forces and create OxyPet, a brand dedicated to helping more animals access the vital benefits of more oxygen and superior hydration in a cost-effective and simple way.

With OxyPet, their goal is to make a positive and powerful impact on the lives of animals everywhere, fuelled by their boundless compassion and energy.


The Team

Lindsey Taylor As a co-founder of OxyPet

Lindsey Taylor As a co-founder of OxyPet, Lindsey Taylor is deeply committed to improving the health and wellbeing of animals through natural and holistic means. His passion for this cause was sparked by the incredible journey of his beloved Boxer, Mowgli, who was given just weeks to live by the vet from cancer. Refusing to give up, Lindsey used his knowledge of oxygen water therapy to care for Mowgli holistically, saving his life, leading to a miraculous recovery. This experience inspired Lindsey to bring the OxyPet Team together to support more animals.

Lindsey is the Co-Author of the eBook “Mowgli The Magical Underdog,” an inspiring story to help animals live a healthier life.


He is a dedicated father of two and known for his charitable work, including climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for homeless children. In his free time, Lindsey coaches intuitive healing, breathwork and cold training, writes children’s stories, and enjoys electronic music and golf.

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Dive into Che's vibrant world, where pixels meet passion! A powerhouse in videography, content creation, and digital storytelling, Che weaves tales that resonate, inform, and leave you enchanted. Beyond the lens, he's an aquatic adventurer, forming bonds with the majestic underwater realm, from the regal sharks to the elusive crocodiles. On land, Che's heart beats in sync with every wagging tail. Memories of Henry, his cherished English Bull Mastiff, fuel his love for capturing the whimsy of our furry pals. At OxyPet, inspired by the timeless tales of Mowgli, Che crafts heartwarming narratives, spotlighting our four-legged friends in candid, playful glory. Off-duty? Spot him championing Liverpool F.C. or embarking on global escapades. Che isn't just a creator; he's OxyPet's video storyteller and explorer, bringing tales of tails with a world of wonder.

Suzanne & Jon Scott-Maxwell

Suzanne & Jon Scott-Maxwell As co-founders of OxyPet, Suzanne and Jon Scott-Maxwell bring a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and enthusiasm to the team. With a shared passion for animal welfare and health, Suzanne and Jon have studied nutrition and health for both humans and animals for many years, attending several animal communication retreats and training with renowned experts such as Amelia Kinkade and Pea Horsley. They have also been privileged to spend time with the Linda Tucker Foundation and the White Lions of Timbavati. In addition to their professional backgrounds in customer service, sales, and marketing, Jon has spent many years as director and investor within manufacturing and technology.

Suzanne and Jon have recently established their own animal charity called Ariael. With their diverse experiences and commitment to helping animals live longer, healthier lives, Suzanne and Jon areinvaluable members of the OxyPet team.


Anna Shaw is a fully qualified Canine Health & Nutrition Specialist, currently furthering her expertise at the British College of Canine Studies. With over 5 years of professional experience in animal rescue and husbandry, she stands out as a natural pet health retail expert. A Group Expert Moderator for 'Raw Feeding for Dog Made Simple UK,' Anna's insights are underpinned by scientific reviews and peer-reviewed research. Additionally, she is the driving force behind OxyPet's social media and community engagement, leading the innovative home study on brachycephalic breeds. She also serves as a Trustee for Evermore Rescue, exemplifying her deep commitment to animal welfare. Anna Shaw embodies a blend of professional acumen and profound compassion for the animal kingdom. During her time, she enjoys walking her dogs Bolt & Molly, playing with the ferrets, and being the best Mum she can be.  


Mowgli As co-founder of OxyPet, I am a red and white Boxer dog with a true pioneering spirit and a commitment to leading the way in natural pet health and wellness. I love spending my days going for nature walks, snoozing in my comfy bed, and getting cuddles from my loving family. I am also the biggest fan of the finest oxygenated spring water and enjoy indulging in natural, species-appropriate raw food. It is my passion to help OxyPet grow and reach even more animals in need, and I am proud to be an integral part of the team.

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