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More Oxygen, More Life

OxyPet uses a clinically proven technology to infuse 700% more oxygen than tap or standard bottled water. More important than the concentration of oxygen is the form in which it exists in the water.


OxyPet uses technological advancements such as the N’PWR system which is used for the production of nano-particle oxygenated water also known as nano-bubbles. The high oxygen content, stability, and bioavailability of OxyPet oxygenated water are owed to the encapsulated nano-particle-sized oxygen bubbles infused during the production process.


Oxygen Nano bubbles (ONB’s) are quickly emerging as a new and cost-effective approach to improving overall health in animals and in humans.

The nano-particle oxygen water contained in OxyPet has been clinically proven in multiple tests to improve a range of physiological parameters.

From the five clinical studies, N`PWR technology has been independently validated to produce nano-particle oxygenated water that is rapidly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, where it improves a range of healthy blood parameters and is then quickly circulated throughout the body to increase the oxygenation of peripheral tissues. By showing the oxygenation of the peripheral tissue (skin), the biggest organ to a mammal’s body, means that all other parts of the system are receiving the benefits of more oxygen. 


Clinical study in the following areas:

  • Healthy Blood Profile

  • Blood Oxygen Levels

  • Improves Breathing

  • Improved Oxygen Absorption

  • Absorption time reduced by 53%

  • 30-40% Increased Oxygenation of Peripheral tissue (skin)


*Our oxygen water clinical studies are carried out on humans. We are a conscious caring company who do not agree with testing on animals in labs which put them under unnecessary stress. There are much safer ways to do tests and we believe this is the best way seeing that both humans, dogs, cats and horses are all mammals. 

OxyPet oxygen water is a powerful natural health solution

Oxygen is central to our life processes, and once present in the circulatory system, oxygen is rapidly delivered to all cells and tissues of the body.

Adequate oxygenation of cells can lead to a stronger immune system and enhanced vitality to support the following:






Bacteria & Viruses

Fungi & Parasites

Bones & Joints

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