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The OxyPet
Natural Health

Join a world where pet health comes first!

Connect with a supportive circle of conscious pet parents just like you. It's not just a community; it's a movement towards natural, healthier lives for our beloved pets.

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What You Get

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Access to our exclusive
community of dog enthusiasts and experts.

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Health Tips

Regular tips and insights on
natural pet health and wellness.

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Exclusive Discounts

Save money on natural pet health products.

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Huddle Group

Engage, and learn with other
pet parents in our interactive
weekly sessions.

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Hear from Others In The Community


(French Bulldog)


(English Bulldog)

“Life Changing”

“I just can’t actually believe it”

  • Reduced Recovery Time

  • Improved Social Behaviour

  • Separation Anxiety Improved

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Reduced Panting

  • No Cough


(French Bulldog)

“I’ve seen massive changes”

  • Reduced Panting

  • Improved Skin - Reduced Yeast

  • Hydrated Nose

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Plus, you'll unlock an array of exclusive benefits:

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Trusted By...

By joining NOW, you will receive:


Your Privacy Matters to Us:
At OxyPet, we deeply value your privacy and the trust you place in us. When you join the OxyPet community, here's our commitment to you:

Confidentiality and Data Protection:
Secure Information Handling: Your personal information is handled carefully and safeguarded using advanced security measures.
No Third-Party Sharing: We assure you that your details are not shared with any third-party entities. Your information is used solely to enhance your OxyPet experience and inform you about our community activities and updates.

Freedom to Choose:
No Obligation: You can subscribe or unsubscribe from our communications anytime. Unsubscribing is straightforward and can be done with a simple click, ensuring you're in total control of the communication you receive from us.

Community Values:
Built on Trust and Integrity: Our community thrives on trust, honesty, and integrity. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all dog lovers.
Love for Our Furry Friends: At the heart of our community is a shared love for our furry companions. We strive to create a space where this love is celebrated and respected.

Transparency and Openness:
Questions and Concerns: Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how we handle your data. We're committed to being transparent and responsive to our community members.

Updates to Our Policy:
Staying Informed: Should there be any changes to our privacy practices, we will update this policy and promptly communicate the changes to our members.

By joining the OxyPet community, you're not just a part of a group; you're part of a family that values respect, care, and the joy that our canine friends bring into our lives.

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