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Sherin Warren

Performance Coach

After reading Mowgli's story back to health and wellness, it made me cry thinking that we are poisoning our fur baies every day with the water we so lovingly give them. They have no voice, they rely on us to protect them as we would our children. I will never give my animals poisoned tap water or commercial dog food again. Thank you Lindsey and the team for this heartwarming and  informative book. A big thank you to the star himself, sweet Mowgli.

Mowgli The Magical Underdog eBook

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Lyn Thompson from Paws Naturally

Holistic Pet Supplies

“These shakes are so simple to make! My dog Misty wouldn't drink much filtered tap water before, she would always want to drink from puddles!  She absolutely loves her OxyPet vitality shake and laps every last drop up and often asks for more!"

OxyPet Oxgenated Water

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Sue Stevens

Pet Parent

"Buster is 10 and a half and a cross Labrador and Border collie. 
This means he has the greed of a Labrador and the energy of a collie but makes him a big boy. For some time now he has suffered from arthritis in his back legs and takes hip joint care formula from Canivet for the past couple of years. 
Whilst he is still on the medication, he was drinking tap water. We decided to change him and put him on OxyPet. After 3 weeks we started seeing a difference. He has definitely experienced less discomfort has more energy and even plays with his toys which he has not done so for a long time. He doesn’t drink any other water apart from this oxygen water."

OxyPet Oxgenated Water

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Kerry Waters

Pet Parent, Meditation Instructor

"Coming across oxygenated water was the best thing for my little lady’s health & happiness. My Dutches loves it and now turns her nose up to any other water, even filtered. I do not want her drinking chemically treated water for the benefit of her health just as I don’t for my daughter and I. Since drinking OxyPet I have seen big changes in her energy levels and her coat is like silk. Also when she ran out for a few weeks I noticed her energy drop. The OxyPet oxygen water has been a game changer for her physical health & emotional health in a very short timeframe. I am a subscriber to ensure there is always enough Oxypet in the cupboard to sustain the benefits & ultimately her happiness."

OxyPet Oxgenated Water

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