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Transforming Grief into Vitality: Honouring a Pet's Legacy through Health and Longevity

A Tribute to Companionship by Lindsey Taylor

I read this statement many years ago "grief is just love with nowhere to go" and it resonated with a powerful truth, teaching me that if grief has nowhere to go, it must be channelled into something positive. This realisation became particularly poignant six months ago when my best friend and loyal companion, Mowgli, departed this world, leaving behind a mission for me: to serve animals by enhancing their life force with more oxygen.

Mowgli was not just a pet; he has become my greatest teacher, embodying patience and resilience.

His battle with cancer, stemming from a lack of education rather than a lack of love, taught us the importance of every moment on this earth. He was deeply integrated into our family and at OxyPet, underscoring the significance of connection, friendship, and the profound support we extend to all beings. Reflecting on Mowgli's incredible resilience while facing cancer takes me back to June 2023 at Wick Country Park. There, amid nature, I thought about our shared mission and the transient nature of life. Mowgli's journey taught me the value of presence, forgiveness, and focusing on what truly matters. Delving deeper into human and animal health, I navigated complex emotions of guilt and frustration, ultimately learning to embrace acceptance. I wished for one last holiday with him, which was planned for October. Then, Mowgli appeared in my awareness, expressing doubt about making it to October but promising to try. His wish to "set me free" overwhelmed me with a mix of truth and respect, a poignant reminder that animals genuinely understand more than we realise.

Mowgli 31.08.23

We did everything to enhance Mowgli's life, from providing the life-enhancing water OxyPet that saved his life to a diet that then mirrored his ancestral needs, alongside frequency healing, advanced health supplements, detox, cleansing, and massage therapy. The harsh reality is that all mammals eventually run out of oxygen.  Saying goodbye on September 1st 2023 was a moment filled with sadness, gratitude, and relief. The journey we shared, extending Mowgli's life by an extra two and a half years, left us with cherished memories and invaluable lessons a just shy of 14 years old. The void left by his absence was profoundly felt at Christmas, a less complete season without his vibrant energy.

The past six months have been a transformative journey of growth through grief. Mowgli's spirit has inspired me to embrace the qualities of dogs—forgiveness, joy, and the celebration of life—promising a positive shift in perspective.

Continuing his mission, we've welcomed numerous dogs into our lives, each story reinforcing the positive impact of OxyPet. Notably, Bruce, another Boxer dog who faced challenges similar to Mowgli's, who came to OxyPet in February last year 2023. His journey was inspired by Mowgli's story, which came via the Boxer Dog UK Facebook group. Connecting with Bruce and his owner Will was really meaningful and another testament to the animals we serve. Sadly, when Bruce passed away this year, it reminded us of how precious these lives are but what great joy it can bring when it adds time to our lives.

Additionally, Pizza, an extraordinary rescue story introduced by Charley of AA Dog Rescue & Animal Angels and her devoted carer, Kirsty, exemplifies their incredible dedication to dogs with difficult pasts.

Supporting Pizza in her later years has been an immensely gratifying experience, offering her the comfort and happiness she deserves after a challenging life. Furthermore, ten brachycephalic breeds joined our mission, experiencing significant improvements in their breathing and overall quality of life thanks to OxyPet. Among them, Betty, a French bulldog, and her carer, Karla Pearson, played a crucial role in expanding our mission through her fantastic Facebook Group, No Bull, supporting more dogs with breathing health challenges. This collaboration led to the creation of the OxyPet10, for which I am immensely grateful to Anna Shaw for our introduction.

This initiative has been a fitting tribute to Mowgli's legacy, bringing immense joy and fulfilment as we witness the positive changes in the lives of dogs we've been able to assist.

Their stories continue to inspire and propel our mission forward. Mowgli's spirit endures, guiding me to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many more dogs. I miss him; he was the best 🙏🐶

I invite you and your wonderful pets to become part of our growing community where every dog is listened to. Receive natural pet health tips along with an inspirational story book that will touch your heart. Click the button and become part of our pet wellness group for FREE.

Thank you. Lindsey Taylor, OxyPet (Co-Founder)



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