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“Mowgli The Magical Underdog!” A truly inspirational and educational resource for every pet parent & animal caretaker.

Written by Lindsey Taylor & Nikki Brown, “The Canine Angel” is a beautifully illustrated book that shares the remarkable story of how Mowgli, the Boxer dog’s life, was transformed by putting more Oxygen into him and making a straightforward switch to his daily drinking habit!


A delightful and educational read, Mowgli promises you will learn at least one new thing you didn’t know before about animal health. The book details how more oxygen can help an animal's body and combines other secrets on how your dog or cat can live healthier lives and prevent long-term health issues.


Mowgli’s wish is that many more pet parents follow his methods outlined in the book so many more animals can undergo a positive transformation in their health and well-being!


You can purchase this fantastic resource for £9.99 or receive a FREE copy by taking the Healthy Pet Scorecard.


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Mowgli The Magical Underdog eBook

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